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The 3 Methods of Persuasion | Rhetoric - Aristotle

Human beings are always in search of truth; we want to know things. To not know often causes us great pain. We search for truth, together, in various ways such as discussion, argumentation, philosophy, science, and even art. When we have conflicting views over the truth, we often enter into a game of persuasion: we try to convince the other that the belief we hold is, in fact, the true one. The art of persuasion is an important one because - in the right hands - it allows truth to win over lies. In this video, we will explore the three methods of persuasion laid out by Aristotle in his book Rhetoric.

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How to Study Effectively Using the Feynman Technique

This technique was named after Richard Feynman: a Nobel Prize winning physicist. In his biography on Richard Feynman, James Gleick said that Richard would create a journal for the things he did not know. His discipline in challenging his own understanding made him a genius and a brilliant scientist. Now that you know his secret, I’m excited for you to step into your own greatness.

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How to Become More Disciplined

Meet Lucas,

He's a young man about to enter college. He’s had a difficult life growing up with his only parent (his mother) and his younger sister. Due to his difficulties in facing his adversities he’s lived a fairly unhealthy life and constantly indulges in partying, drinking, and smoking. One day, his mother got quite sick and was rushed to the emergency. The most important person in his life, his rock through all the difficult times was on the verge of death. She put up a good fight but unfortunately passed and Lucas became the man of the house. Not only did he have to take care of himself but his sister as well. 

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