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Follow No One - An Unpublished Manuscript

What you’re about to read is an unpublished manuscript.

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What you’re about to read is an unpublished manuscript.

For about two months near the end of 2022, I spent everyday working on a book. I tried writing the truest things I could think of, and what I came up with was a very dense, abstract, and technical work (~4000 words in total), full of geometrical diagrams. There are no explanations for any of the ideas. There are no stories or proofs. It might not even have any meaning for most of the people who read it. It’s a flawed project, and I ultimately abandoned the work, but I needed to write it in order to clarify my own thoughts about the world. In the time since I’ve written this work, I’ve come up with better and more fleshed out ideas, which will appear in a future publication.

But that said, I do think some people would find this interesting to read. So I offer this to you for fun, and in the hopes that it might provoke some thought.

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